The disc thickener machine is a typical paper pulp making machine which is compact and virtually maintenance-free, it can be adjusted according to process conditions such as throughput and inlet consistency.The disc thickener consists of a tank body, a fan disk, a transmission spindle, an upper cover and a water spray pipe, a sealing device, an electromagnetic speed regulating motor, a speed reducer, and a protective cover. The pulp suspension is fed at a consistency of 0.9% to 2.5% to the inlet chamber into the vat in the same direction as disc rotation. It is mainly used for washing and concentrating low-concentration pulp in the paper industry.

The filtrate is discharged either at one or both shafts ends by gravity, depending on the thickener size. Disk Thickener permits the installation of a large dewatering area in minimum floor space.

Advantages of disc thickener

Compared with the round thickener, the disc thickener has so many advantages.

– Smalle in size minimum space occupied
– Convenient fan-tray assembly and disassembly
– Reliable operation and convenient maintenance;
– Large production capacity and low power consumption

1 100-150 11 75
2 200-250 15 125
3 250-300 22 150