The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) is an important piece of legislation that protects consumers against unfair practices by businesses. It covers a wide range of areas, including product safety, consumer guarantees, and misleading or deceptive conduct.

Recently, the Australian Government signed an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) to strengthen the enforcement of the ACL. The IGA was signed by the Commonwealth, state, and territory governments, and aims to improve consistency and cooperation in the enforcement of consumer law across Australia.

One of the key features of the IGA is the establishment of a national consumer protection framework. This framework will provide a nationally consistent approach to consumer law enforcement and will enable collaboration and information sharing between different regulatory bodies.

Another important aspect of the IGA is the creation of a national consumer protection research agenda. This agenda will identify key research priorities in the area of consumer protection, and will help to ensure that consumer law enforcement is evidence-based and effective.

The IGA also includes provisions for the establishment of a National Consumer Protection Enforcement Committee. This committee will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the IGA and will provide a platform for cooperation and collaboration between regulatory bodies.

Overall, the IGA represents an important step forward for consumer protection in Australia. By improving consistency and cooperation in the enforcement of consumer law, the IGA will help to ensure that consumers are protected from unfair practices and that businesses operate in a fair and transparent manner.

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